Team Motivator and Yoga Teacher


The 3gamechangers are Toronto restaupreneurs committed to providing a quality dining experience for all residents of the city (except those who watch Sun TV).  While our recruitment procedures ensure that we will only hire top quality candidates, we need to ensure that staff members always conduct themselves with the dignity, class and extend the hospitality expected of a 3gamechangers family member.  Employees need to remember their place in the world, know that the customer is always right and that all customer requests must be accommodated.  In order to maintain this level of quality service and instil a desire for constant improvement we are looking to hire a team motivator. To help staff members deal your necessary criticisms, you must also lead mandatory  yoga classes.

As the Staff Motivator, your responsibilities will include:

  • Closely surveilling designated staff members (on a rotating basis) and providing live feedback on their performance
  • Interacting with customers waiting in line and loudly chastising the host for the unreasonable wait times
  • Interacting with diners and castigating staff members who are not meeting expectations in front of the customer
  • Selecting the music, room temperature and lighting of the room that optimizes the customer experience
  • Leading yoga classes for all staff members
  • Heading the Staff Party Planning Committee

In order to be eligible for this post, you must:

  • Have a psychology background (military training experience an asset)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to all around excellence in your personal and professional life
  • Possess a Type A personality and strong interpersonal skills
  • Have experience coaching sports, cheerleading or restaurant teams
  • Possess a Yoga Teacher’s Certificate