Sandwich Board Artisan and Bouncer




The 3gamechangers are Toronto restaurateurs committed to providing great food for all residents of the city (or at least those not voting for Rob Ford).  We know that our restaurant at 785 Queen St West will always be brimming with customers, and out of respect for our clients, neighbours, dog walkers and the fire code, we will strictly adhere to building occupancy limits. In order to accomplish this we’re looking for a Pavel Datsyuk-type who can lead on both offence and defence – in short, captain material (Dion Phaneufs need not apply). We want the name on the front of your sandwich board to mean as much to you as the name behind.


Job Description

Your responsibilities will include:

  • crowd control, ensuring that everyone lines up in a single file on the street and admitting the most ‘important’ people first
  • ID’ing those who do not appear of age to consume food truck fare
  • promoting the restaurant by high-fiving at all who pass by after Leafs/Jays/Raptors/Argos/TFC wins (and hugging people after losses)
  • refusing entrance to all Montreal Canadiens fans (and Vancouver Canucks fans who look like they will start rioting)
  • periodically dancing, singing and performing one-person plays to entertain passers-by
  • designing a new sandwich board every week



  • You must have been picked on in high school and have a chip on your shoulder
  • You must go to the gym everyday
  • You must counterbalance this with a warm sunny personality
  • You must be a hugger
  • You must have a commitment to wearing tight t-shirts and taking regular showers
  • You must be impervious to sufrin in the weather
  • OCAD graduates will be given preference