Bike Share (Bixi) Food Serving Interns



The 3gamechangers are Toronto restaurateurs committed to providing a great dining experience.  Sometimes our clients cannot come to 785 Queen West so we are going to offer a unique dine-at-home experience so they get our food with our service in the comfort of their 600 square foot slices of paradise.

Job Description:

As a Bike Share (Bixi) Waiter your job will consist of transporting food orders from our restaurant to our clients using Bike Share.  Upon arrival at clients’ residence you will change into your 3gamechangers uniform, lay the table, serve the clients their meal and then help clean up and wash the dishes. You will then change back into your delivery clothes and return back to the restaurant for your next order. Upon request of the client, you may be asked to run small errands while they are eating a particular course.


As an intern, this position is not paid, but you will be allowed to collect tips from the clients at the end of the meal. However, if you exceed the thirty minute window of free Bike Share usage on any particular trip, the charges will be deducted from your tip. You will also be entitled to keep any leftovers not wanted by the client for your own consumption.  We will provide you with a 3gamechangers uniform, but you must take care of the laundering.

Job Requirements:

  • Post-secondary education (Degree Level preferable)
  • Demonstrated bicycling skills
  • High level of fitness (you will have to pass the 3gamechanger fitness test)
  • Experience in the hospitality sector
  • Experience interacting with strangers in their homes
  • Strong knowledge of a wide variety of global cuisine
  • Commitment to personal hygiene, cleanliness and grooming