The 3 Game Changers are 3 Western grads with big kahunas, and even bigger ideas. This is their first foray into the restaurant industry. There’s a lot to learn in a few short months, so be nice. And come hungry!



Luke’s our wheeler & dealer. He’s using his biz background to let Torontonians know what makes us revolutionary, and legendary, and contemporary, and all the other “aries”. Plus, his dad is super connected, so don’t be surprised if you see us on TV, meeting rockstars and kissing babies.


More of an artsy-craftsy, Martha Stewart-y kind of guy, Jay’s helping out behind-the-scenes with the design and voice of the new place. Writing the menu, picking out napkin rings, that sort of thing. He’s got a background in English, and he’s only semi-afraid to use it.


Brock’s brand-spanking new to chefery, but has a passion for food, which he’ll prove in every bite. His dishes are always fresh and innovative, probably because he’s never made them before. The main thing you can expect from Brock is that he’ll do the unexpected.