Brock’s back. Miss me? So obvi we’ve changed our concept a few times already, but this time we’ve had a total WTF-Eureka! moment. We realized that all the food we’ve (aka I’ve) been making (and nailing) this whole time is GRADE-A FOOD TRUCK MATERIAL! Think about it: burgers, sammies, pogo sticks, donuts. We just have a few teeny tiny details to work out. We don’t have a food truck yet, but we do have a free place to park one!!! We won’t need a food truck permit (those are for chumps), we won’t waste a bunch of paper on gas (mo’ money, less problems), and everybody will always know where the truck to find us. 785, baby, smack dab in the middle of our prime West Queen West real estate!

Keep on truckin’,