It might as well be Christmas morning in YYZ. Your boys are back in town and DAYUM, it feels good!!! Sure, there was some 90210-level drama while we were away, but we hightailed it back here – Business class, obvs – we all took a chill pill, and now everything’s kosher. Actually, shit’s better than it’s ever been! I mean, let’s face it. Brock & I are straight up irreplaceable. And as much as we were getting sick of having Jay bewitched by his Easy-Bake Oven girlfriend, we have to hand it to her – she’s kinda sorta gotta gift for dessert. So we figure she can hang around for a bit. The new concept is all-AmURican cuisine, but we’ll keep a donut and cupcake catering biz on the side. That way, we can use everything we learned on our trip down south to dominate the TO food scene, and Lai can still play a part. We’re generous like that. In other words, the Kickstarter’s still a go, bros! Feel free to keep donating. It’ll help with your FOMO. And look out for a God Bless ‘merica menu coming your way soon.

Hail to the Chief,