Kickstarting Our Dream!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the love and support. Jay and I are so excited about Cakehole!  Now that our two biggest headaches have joined the Biebs south of the border, we’re getting ready to roll (or donut). LOL.

Listen though, we have one small problem…our trust fund princesses have gone south with the rest of the money. So while all the renovations are all paid for, we’re just missing one thing: a great big cupcake oven.  Seems like a pretty big deal right?

It isn’t though because we’re going to turn our giant smoker into an even cooler (or hotter) cupcake oven. My uncle has agreed to help us out with this, but we need your help too. So we’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to fund our conversion…with totally cool rewards for our sponsors.

Please visit our kickstarter page, support us and help our dreams come true!

Lai xx