YLMWhrftGreetings readers,

We haven’t been formally introduced. I’m Jay, and I’m posting this together with my mad-hot, mad-talented girlfriend, Laila. You may have read some pretty rude things about her in previous posts. Guess that’s what happens when you let two meatheads man a blog. Anyway, it was all untrue, and it’s the reason we’re writing this. Mr. Know-It-All and What’s-His-Nuts have been off chasing grill, and tail, for a while now, and we’re tired of waiting for them to grow up and come back. So we’re taking over, suckas! Shouldn’t have stayed away so long. Laila’s an incredibly gifted baker, and it’s time other people tasted her talents. Hmm…that sounds bad. Point being, as much as I hate to share her, we’re scrapping BBQ and switching to bakery. And not just any bakery. A cupcakery. Yeah that’s right, Brock. You’re not the only one who can make words up.

So it’s settled then. Smoke n Mirrors is history. The future is CAKEHOLE! There’s just one problem…What are we going to do with that King-Kong-sized smoker???

Officially yours,

Jay & Lai