What up, brosefs,
We’ve still got BBQ on the brain, and looks like we’re not the only ones! There’s a new joint opening up just down the street, next to the 7-11. BBQ and Bourbon? Rack and Jack? Some shit like that. Anyway, since everyone seems to want in on the grilling game, we’re gonna have to step it UP. So, we’re planning a trip to any place we can think of that’s famous for its BBQ (and when I say “we”, I mean me & Brock, cause Jay’s too busy being whipped).
We’ll start with the obvious BBQ spots, like:
  • NYC
  • South Padre Island
  • Miami
  • LA
  • Tijuana
But did we miss any? If so, let us know. We’ve got time to kill & money to buuuurn, what what?
Peace up, T-town down,