Sup, readers! Long time no blog! Brock here, your “cheftraordinare”, and I come bearing updates.

We’ve had a change of heart. Well, more like a change of stomach. The more we use our monster of a smoker, the more we learn. Like last weekend, we were trying to make Montreal smoked meat, and it kept coming out Texas-style brisket! There are just too many tongue-pleasing morsels we can make with this, and we don’t want the smoking to stop. So…….we’ve decided to switch to an everything smoked concept!!! Introducing Smoke n Mirrors, the most Texan joint Toronto has to offer! We’re busy brainstorming a game-changing smoked meat menu. We’ll have smoked meat sammies, just like Schwartz, except less French. And better. I’m also thinking we need to have smoked duck, maybe some smoked tofurkey and, of course, our signature paneer burger, only we’ll smoke the shit out of it!

Anyway, that’s the big news. We wanted our fans to be the first to know. Apart from that, we’re taking it one day at a time with Jay’s cake-brained girlfriend who’s gone Yoko Ono on our asses. She’s eating up all of Jay’s time, plus she’s trying to turn us into a bakeshop instead of the sandwich empire we are. I think I speak for Luke, too, when I say she’s just not Game Changer material. The silver lining? The sitch inspired a great name for a new smoked sammy: The Bitch-wich. We’re gonna pay for that one…

That’s all for now. Stay hungry, Toronto!