We can’t stop pulling our pork. We know how it sounds, but seriously. We’ve been talking about getting a pulled pork sammy on the menu ASA-freaking-P, so we finally invested in a Southern Pride Smoker and got to work. Now we can’t stop! We’re smoking everything in sight (except whatever Ford’s on). YOLO though, am I right? Yeah, I’m right.  


Brock even got one of those meat flavour injectors to make everything extra juicy. Long story short, you’re going to want this meat in your mouth.   


Basically, the only person who isn’t psyched out of their SKULL right now is our new 4th wheel. One of the 3 Game Changers who won’t be named (JAY) has a new groupie girlfriend, and what’s her face is pretty pissed about having meat all over the place. She wants kitchen space to make cream puffs or some shit like that. Not gonna happen.

Anyway, SMOKED MEAT. It’s what’s for dinner. Hit us up if you’ve got something to say, or smoke.