Hungry For Change

Hey, blog land! Brock’s back, with a big, juicy cut of news. We’ve been thinking a lot about the theme of the restaurant, and doing the most delicious kind of research there is: taste testing Toronto hot spots like Come And Get It, Brock Sandwich, and Porchetta & Co. Basically, burgers are out. Sammies are a sure thing! Hell, even Barberian is opening a mom-and-pop sandwich shop. And we can’t let ourselves be outdone by a mom and pop, now can we!

The more places we try, the more ideas we get. Seems Indian burgers ruffled a few feathers (totally not our intention), but we’ve been getting some great sammy suggestions, too. The McPaneer sandwich is a must (shout-out to @vivekshraya for that one), and we’re pretty sure we can’t go wrong with gourmet grilled cheese. Then there’s pulled pork, gyro, tuna melt, and a whole buffet of other menu ideas. My mouth is watering just typing about it!

So that’s the scoop. Hit us up here or on twitter (@sammysquared_1) if you’ve got a sammy epiphany to share. We’re all ears (and appetites).