Turkey got us thinking

Happy turkey day, Toronto. Gobble gobble.

Since you’re probably still full from Thanksgiving, just a little amuse-bouche of a post for you today. My first one!!! I’m Brock, by the way, the chef behind Toronto’s newest burger joint: New Delhi Burgers.

But here’s the thing. I was in the middle of preparing the most taste-tacular turkey sandwiches for the fam, and it hit me. Sandwiches are SO in right now. If we’re gonna put all this time into launching Queen’s West’s best restaurant, we’ve gotta do it right. So the new thought is Indian-inspired burgers, AND taste-bud-tickling sandwiches! We could for sure get a turkey sammy on the menu in time for Yankee Thanksgiving. And pulled pork is pretty much a must. Also, hope you’re hungry for something really edgy, like a blowfish sandwich or clam on a Kaiser. So save some appetite, foodaholics.

Won’t be long now…