Off to a tasty start…

WHAT UP, ROOKIES! I’m Luke, one of the 3 Game Changers (the sexy one, obviously). We’re super psyched to be EXPLODING onto TO’s resto scene, and sharing our all-star idea with you. We’re working like champs getting ready to open our first-ever restaurant: New Delhi Burgers. Fist pump!


It’s a sick idea Jay, Brock & I came up with late one night after a few too many. Basically, it’s Indian-style burgers. SICK, RIGHT?! Jay calls it “beef meets Bollywood”. He’s the artsy one – you’ll hear from him later. He’s probably off finger painting right now, or making puff pastries or something. Anyway, we know it’s going to absolutely kill. Menu-wise, we’re thinking a Vindaloo Paneer Burger, an Indian Banquet Burger, maybe even a Mumbai Poutine – all made with our special house curry powder.

a pile of ground ginger on white, bright yellow color, sharp shot.

Brock’s all over that shit. He’s cooking up a spicy, smelly storm. And if you guys have menu ideas, holler at us. That’ll piss Brock off, but whatever. He can deal.

For the restaurant itself, we copped a killer space right on Queen West!!! Pics to come. Jay’s thinking a farmhouse slash Bollywood movie theme. Maybe barn board tables, and Indian saris instead of tablecloths? Water troughs in the bathrooms? For sure all the servers will wear hot little milkmaid outfits with those bindis on their foreheads. Ok, we’ve already said too much, but rest assured whatever we do will be mind melting.

Stay tuned, bros.